Friday, May 17, 2013

Burmese Art Therapy group Re-Starts

Jessica LaBarca leads children in the storybook making activity

The Burmese art therapy groups re-started April 25th after a winter break when it was dark out at night.  Children often travel to the groups with other children as they live in the neighborhood.  Parents were fearful of children walking in the dark so BuildaBridge postponed the group until it was lighter out longer. 

Art therapists Natalie Hoffmann, Jessica LaBarca and assistant Stevie French will lead children  in activities this Spring that focus on their personal identity and identity as a Burmese community.  Currently children are creating storybooks that use both text and visual images to illustrate a story from their lives.  Books will be shared with one another to create opportunities for sharing similar experiences and generate cohesiveness among the children. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Video: The Philadelphia Refugee Mental Health Collaborative and BuildaBridge

BuildaBridge from Dave Barbaree on Vimeo. A collaboration between The Philadelphia Refugee Mental Health Collaborative and BuildaBridge. Produced by Dave Barbaree.