Friday, July 19, 2013

New project starting this week

BuildaBridge has entered into a contracted partnership with Nationalities Services Center (NSC) to provide art therapy and therapeutic art-making groups in the community context for survivors of torture (SOT).   These groups are a part of the larger Philadelphia Partnership for Resilience (PPR)  -- a collaboration between NSC, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of Pennsylvania (HIAS) and Lutheran Children and Family Services (LCFS).   PPR provides comprehensive services to immigrant, aslyee, asylum seeker and refugee survivors of torture.   PPR services are tailored to the specific needs of the individual, and can include intensive case management, clinical mental health services, community mental health services, medical care, and legal assistance.   BuildaBridge’s participation is categorized under community mental health services and focuses on two specific groups:  childless adults and parents with children.   Through art-making, BuildaBridge artists will assist adults work through their own histories and how to work with others.  The parents with children group will focus on art-making activities that teach parents how to engage with their children, empowering them to model these activities and life lessons in the home environment.  Groups start July 21st and will continue for 10 weeks until September 29th. 

For more information on PPR visit NSC's website.